Product Details

Over the past year, Innovation Weather, LLC has focused on developing proprietary algorithms to mitigate risk in agriculture, turfgrass, and commodities trading.  We are continuing to develop new algorithms and products to better suit the needs of our clients.  More information about our various product offerings is included below. For sample product images, please click here.

Frost Formation Probability: Includes a number of weather parameters to determine the likelihood that frost will form in a given location during each 1-hour timestep.  A nightly-maximum likelihood of frost formation is also available.  This allows for preparations to be taken before a hazardous frost event occurs, with warning lead times of up to several days.  This is a proprietary algorithm that was developed specifically by Innovation Weather, LLC.

Crop Degradation Index: A measure of overnight heat-stress on several different crops. If temperatures remain above a certain threshold for the specified crop, the plants will quickly become stressed and preventative measures should be taken, particularly if the air is also relatively dry. This is a proprietary algorithm that was developed specifically by Innovation Weather, LLC. Current crop forecasts include: corn, wheat, soybeans, stonefruit, grapes, and peanuts.

Temperature and Moisture Thresholds: These are customizable products that allow client-specific thresholds to be mapped. For example, hours below freezing is a common temperature threshold that displays the number of hours a specific location will remain below freezing during the forecast period.  Similarly, hours above 90F is another product useful for interests in the utility sector. The moisture threshold products can be used as a preliminary assessment of drought or excessive moisture and flood events.

Growing Degree Days: A measure of crop growth and development using a combination of weather variables. This product can be used to estimate when different crops will reach maturity based on heat accumulation, and also plays a role in the prediction of different pests. This product uses the standardized version of Growing Degree Days as established by the US Department of Agriculture.

Additional Products: We also offer a variety of other products to assist in mitigating weather hazards. These products can be viewed on the “Additional Products” page.

Data Visualization: All of our forecast products can be plotted over Google Maps to allow for an interactive user experience.  Additional layers can be overlaid on the map, including the location and density of different crops, including wheat, corn, and various fruits and vegetables, as well as client specified locations of interest.  In this way, it is possible to view the impacts that weather will have on specific crops with the click of a button.  Crop data is obtained as shapefiles from the US Department of Agriculture’s Agriculture Census. The product includes all core functionality of the Google Maps platform, including interactive and searchable locations of interest.

We also provide point forecasts for specific locations, and these forecasts are displayed on easy to read graphs with the option of counting the number of hours above or below a certain threshold. For example, the product could display the temperature forecast for the next 36 hours and count the number of hours outside of a client-specified range. Hourly frost forecasts can also be plotted. Please visit the Data Visualization page for more details and sample graphics.

Email Alerts: Innovation Weather is excited to announce the launch of our new email alert system. Users can request that emails be automatically sent to them when certain conditions, such as frost or extreme temperatures, are predicted. Daily summary emails are also available.

Forecast Accuracy: Every one of our products has undergone significant testing and research to ensure that it meets the high standards of our clients. If you would like to view our verification case studies for your location, please feel free to contact us. We will provide complimentary documentation to satisfy any request.

If you have questions about our products and services, or have a request for new products that would be helpful to you, please contact us.