Data Visualization

Weather Portal
Innovation Weather has recently developed a custom online weather portal with a modern design. The portal includes easy access to all product subscriptions for each client. A screen capture of the portal in use is displayed below.

Point Forecasts and Email Alerts
We provide several ways to visualize data, depending on the needs of our clients. We have recently developed the capability of creating forecasts for specific locations, and displaying a graphical output of client-requested conditions. For example, frost and temperature forecasts can be graphed on easy to read plots as shown below. Along with the forecast graphs, we provide email alerts when certain thresholds are exceeded, such as if more than 5 hours during the forecast period are expected to fall below 32F.

Data Visualization
In addition to static images, products can be displayed using our new interactive interface, which allows shapefiles to be plotted on Google Maps along with our products. For example, spatial data for different crops can be plotted and our products, such as frost formation probability, as well as other weather variables, such as temperature and precipitation, could be overlaid on the same map. The goal of this new system is to help clients determine how the weather will impact specific crops. A screenshot of this new data visualization scheme is also shown below.